Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HD Health Challenge, day 3!

So things are going great! 64 ounces of water every day is a LOT more than I'm used to drinking but it's easy to do when I'm not sucking down cans of Pepsi all day. I finished my third day of my Insanity workout program a little earlier and that's basically going to kill me. There isn't a muscle in my legs that isn't sore. The good part is when I weighed myself this morning I was 1.4 lbs lighter than I was on day one. I think it probably has more to do with the fact that I'm not completely stuffed with Taco Bell or McDonalds junk. I've been eating hard-boiled eggs, cans of V8, turkey sandwiches (my stripped down version: whole wheat bread, "extra lean" turkey slices, and mustard) and I'll have a decent dinner. I drink a protein shake after my workouts and I think I'm going to start stealing some of my wife's Benefiber to help me get through the increase in protein I'm taking in now. Trust me, lot's of protein with not enough fiber can really be a pain in the butt, seriously.

I close tonight and tomorrow night and then Friday morning I'm off to Yosemite for two days of backpacking. Obviously I'll be getting my daily exercise as well as my water, I'm going to have to pound a couple V8's before I leave Friday and a couple more when I get home on Saturday night to make sure I can get my fruits and veggies points for those days! I'll probably post a few pictures from the trip when I get back!

Also, my buddy in Hardware and I have been talking about building a few small sailboats (really small, like 8 footers) and late last night I came across the "OSS" or "One Sheet Skiff." It's a small boat designed by a guy named Herb McLeod and it can literally be built from ONE SHEET OF PLYWOOD! It looks like a cool weekend project and I think we all know where we can get a sheet of plywood. It would be a cool project for those of you with kids or those of you who still think like kids (like me!)

Here's the web address for more info on the OSS:

Now I gotta go make a turkey sandwich and get to work!

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